Results of Tamil Nadu State Arbiter Examination held at Erode, Kanchipuram, Sivagangai and Tirupattur

Tamil Nadu State Arbiter Examination

The phase II of the Tamil Nadu State Arbiter Examination was held in four centres – Erode, Kanchipuram, Sivagangai and Tirupattur on Sunday 22nd January, 2023. Ephrame M IA, Prof.R. Anantharam IA, V. Vijayaraghavan IA and Paul Arokiaraj S IA were the main lecturers, supported by Palaniappan P IA, Ravikumar R IA, Ganesh Babu S IA and Arasu B IA as the assistant lecturers respectively.

Erode Inauguration

Group photo at Erode

Examination at Kanchipuram

Lecture at Kanchipuram

Inauguration at Sivagangai

Lecture at Sivagangai

Examination at Tirupattur

Lecutre at Tirupattur



Following is list of candidates who have successfully passed the examination. They will be awarded the title of Tamil Nadu State Arbiter.

Download : passed candidates