Result for Senior National Arbiter Seminar & Examination at Hosur

Tamil Nadu State Chess Association on behalf of All India Chess Federation organised a Senior National Arbiter Seminar & Examination at Adhiyamaan College of Engineering, Hosur on 28th and 29th January 2023.

Forty aspiring arbiters from Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka, West Bengal and Andaman & Nicobar participated in the seminar. Mr. M S Gopakumar IA, FIDE Lecturer was the lecturer.

Mr. Gopakumar handled the topics on Laws of Chess, Tiebreaks, Tournament Rules, Arbiter Regulations, Swiss Pairings, Rating Regulations, Title regulations and Fair Play Regulations during the two days seminar.

All the forty participants attended the examination after seminar and following participants are qualified for SNA Title & FIDE NA License.

SNo. Name Fide-No. Grade
1 Rakshan Vaishnav S 25758616 A
2 Divin S V 45074410 A
3 Arun Seshadhri S R 48721050 A
4 Sabari Vr 5052718 A
5 Sharath E. 5035155 A
6 Srimozhi S 45086869 A
7 Junaise K K 25611801 A
8 Pon Perumal S 45043612 A
9 Karthi Ganes M 46637427 A
10 Tamizhanban N 46688714 A
11 Sivagnanam T M 88102602 A
12 Dheepak S 35060589 A
13 Thiruppathi T 33351074 A
14 Nivedhitha J G 5033675 A
15 Kishore V 35072641 A
16 Ulaganathan G 25098560 A
17 Sai Ganesh Sankaran 25668498 A
18 Sharan K 46635491 A
19 Reshma A 88102599 A
20 Mukesh Kumar S M 25059360 A
21 Kovarthini P 25760114 A
22 Amalan.S.A 5074290 A
23 Vigneshwaran S 5035252 A
24 Suresh G 88102629 A
25 Barath Kumar E 25978101 B
26 Subhapriya S 88102610 B
27 Meenakshi R 88102564 B
28 Gilbert S 25045962 B
29 Murugesan A 88102572 B
30 Roobavel B 25083597 B
31 Aravindkumar S 5048494 B
32 Blesset Samuel 88102530 B
33 Kalaiselvi M 88102548 B

All the participants awarded with SNA title are required to be registered with AICF and TNSCA as Arbiter as well as get their FIDE NA License prior to officiating in any FIDE rated event.  They must be licensed before officiating in any FIDE Rated event or attending FIDE Arbiter Seminar.  To get NA License please pay an amount of Rs. 3210/- at and intimate the details (Name, FIDE ID and Screenshot of payment) by email to &

All other participants shall be eligible for NA title and eligible to officiate all events except FIDE rated ones.