Instruction for candidates appearing for the State Arbiter Examination on 08/01/2023

Dear Candidates,

Greetings from Tamil Nadu State Chess Association!

Participants of the State Arbiter examination to be held at Kallakurichi, Thoothukudi and Tiruvarur on 8th January 2023 are hereby instructed to be present at the respective venue at 09.00 AM.

Lunch/tea will be provided by the organisers.

Kindly bring your Aadhaar/driving license for verification.

The exam is an open book format. They may refer to the book or the notes. At any instance, they are not supposed to consult others or copy from others. In such kind of malpractice, they will be given zero immediately. It will be strictly followed.

The duration of the exam is 2 hours. There will be 15 multiple choice questions, 5 true or false and 5 short answer type.

Mobile phones are not allowed inside the hall. The participants have to deposit their mobile before entering the hall. Any participant having a mobile in his/her bag  during the exam may be given zero mark.

Participants are requested to be through with the new Laws of chess effective from 1st January 2023. The course material provided in is not the latest and the laws have been updated very recently. Refer:

Tamil Nadu State Chess Association wishes you all the best.

For missing names, please call Mr. Muralidharan, mobile : 97909 15171