11th National Schools Chess Championships 2023

11th National Schools Chess Championships 2023 – round 4 & 5


Lad Mandar Pradip of Goa emerged sole leader of the under 17 open category at the end of the fifth round of the 11th National Schools Chess Championships, organized by Ananthi Chess Academy, Madurai and Viyugam Chess Academy, Hosur at the Adhiyamaan College of Engineering, Hosur today. With a score of five points in five rounds, he has established a lead of one point over eight nearest rivals.


In the corresponding girls category, Prasiddhi Bhat of Karnataka also seized the lead with a perfect five, by beating Asudani Ruhani Raj of Gujarat. Sneha Haldar of WB and M Gopika of Karnataka are behind her with four points.

Sharanya Gade of Telangana is the only player who has won all her five games in the under 15 girls championship. As the top two boards of the under 15 section were drawn, seven players are leading with 4.5 points each.

Third seeded P. Vignesh Kannan of Tamil Nadu in the under 13 category, was shocked by Challa Saharsha of Telangana In the same category, Mahish SA of Tamil Nadu dealt a blow to the highest rated player of the entire championship Ajay Santhosh Parvathareddy in the fourth round. Aadya Gupta of Delhi, SK Vaishnavi, KP Theephigaa both from TN and Jhanvi Ashok of Kerala are leading in the girlssegmanet, with 4.5 points each.


Modipalli Deekshitha of Telangana and Aadya Ranganath of Karnataka have joined hands to lead the under 11 girls with five points each. In the open section of the same group, Shashveen AK of Haryanan surged ahead to lead with five points. Nine players have scored 4.5 points. The under 9 open section also has two leaders in Avirat Chauhan of Maharashtra and Vyam Malhotra of Haryana, both having five points in their kitty. Leah R Joseph of Karnataka has registered five wins so far to lead the under 9 girls category. Four players are with 4.5 points.

Three players – Hriday Garg of Delhi, Swaraj Mishra of Maharashtra and Tejas Tiwari of Uttarkhant have scored five points in the under 7 category. Sanvitha A Shetty and Narayani Umesh Marathe of Maharashtra drew the game between them to share the lead with 4.5 points each.