Visakh & Vishnu on top, seven share lead

Chennai based Grandmasters Visakh N R and Vishnu Prasanna V (6.0) brought cheers to the Indian camp moving on to the top of the leader-board after the seventh round of the 12th Chennai Open International Grandmaster Chess tournament 2020 for Sakthi Group Dr. N. Mahalingam Trophy at Hotel Novotel & IBIS OMR, Sholinganallur, Chennai here today.
Sharing the lead at with Indian duo at 6.0 points were GMs Ponkratov Pavel (Rus), Martinez Alcantara Jose Eduardo (Per), Yudin Sergei (Rus),  Bogdanovich Stanislav (Ukr) and Goganov Aleksey (Rus). Half a point behind the leaders at 5.5 points were 13 players including Indian stars Neelotpal Das, Venkatesh M R, Girinath P D S,  Mitrabha Guha, Jubin Jimmy and Harshavardhan G B.
Top three boards ended in draws, helping the rest to catch up with the leaders. In-form, Harshavardhan (Velammal School, Chennai) bounced back from yesterday’s defeat holding Grandmaster Vasquez Schroeder Rodrigo (Chile) to a fine draw. With 5.5 points in his kitty, Harsha is on track for his third International Master Norm. Other likely International Master Norm prospects are Jubin Jimmy and Pranav V, who needs to peak their performance in the home-run.
Three rounds remain in this 10 round Swiss tournament that carries a total prize money of  Rs. 15,00,000 (Rupees fifteen lakhs only) concludes on Saturday 25th January, 2020.
Harshavardhan G B (2343) – Vasquez Schroeder, Rodrigo (2487) 1. d4 d5 2. c4 c6 3. Nf3 Nf6 4. Nc3 e6 5. Bg5 dxc4 6. e4 b5 7. e5 h6 8. Bh4 g5 9. Nxg5 hxg5 10. Bxg5 Nbd7 11. g3 Rg8 12. h4 Rxg5 13. hxg5 Nd5 14. g6 fxg6 15. Qg4 Qe7 16. Qxg6+ Qf7 17. Qxf7+ Kxf7 18. Bg2 Nxc3 19. bxc3 Rb8 20. Bxc6 Bb7 21. Rh7+ Kg6 22. Bxd7 Kxh7 23. Bxe6 Ba3 24. Kd2 Kg6 25. f4 Rh8 26. Rb1 Rh2+ 27. Ke3 Bb2 28. d5 b4 29. d6 bxc3 30. g4 c2 31. Bf5+ Kf7 32. e6+ Kf6 33. Bxc2 Rxc2 34. d7 Ke7 35. f5 Rc3+ 36. Ke2 Rc2+ 37. Ke3 Rc3+ 38. Ke2 Rc2+ 39. Ke3 1/2-1/2
Important Results Round 7 (Indians unless specified) : Ponkratov Pavel (Rus) 6 drew with Martinez Alcantara Jose Eduardo (Per) 6, Visakh N R (6) drew with Yudin Sergei (Rus) 6, Aleksandrov Aleksej (Blr) 5.5 drew with Taher Yoseph Theolifus (Ina) 5.5, Goganov Aleksey (Rus) 6 bt Deshmukh Anup (5), Samant Aditya S (5) lost to Bogdanovich Stanislav (Ukr) 6, Harshavardhan G B (5.5) drew with Vasquez Schroeder Rodrigo (Chi) 5.5, Kunal M (5) lost to Vishnu Prasanna V (6), Pranav V (5) lost to Mchedlishvili Mikheil (Geo) 5.5, Rozum Ivan (Rus) 5.5 bt Manik Mikulas (Svk) 4.5, David Alberto (Ita) 4.5 lost to Eraschenkov Denis (Rus) 5.5

Important Results Round 6 (Indians unless specified) 
: Martinez Alcantara Jose Eduardo (Per) 5.5 drew with Visakh N R (5.5), Yudin Sergei (Rus) 5.5 bt Harshavardhan G B (5), Neelotpal Das (4.5) lost to Ponkratov Pavel (Rus) 5.5, Taher Yoseph Theolifus (Ina) 5 drew with Pranav V (5), Bharath Subramaniyam H (4) lost to Aleksandrov Aleksej (Blr) 5, Ravichandran Siddharth (4) lost to Goganov Aleksey (Rus) 5, Bogdanovich Stanislav (Ukr) 5 bt Ameir Moheb (Egy) 4, Pranesh M (4.5) drew with David Alberto (Ita) 4.5, Fedorov Alexei (Blr) 4.5 drew with Nitin S (4.5), Srihari L R (4.5) drew with Stupak Kirill (Blr) 4.5