Pranav V clinches champion trophy in Athens of the East – 1st Blitz FIDE Rated Open, Madurai

Pranav V clinches champion trophy in Athens of the East – 1st Blitz FIDE Rated Open held at Madurai

V Pranav of Chennai won the inaugural blitz fide rated event organized by Athens of the East with 9 points out of 10 rounds. The venue was World Tamil Sangam, Madurai, a grand & spacious one. 399 players participated in the event including 3 IMs B T Muralikrishnan,  Shyam Nikhil and T S Ravi and WIM Michell Catherina. IM Shyam Nikhil with a rating of 2348 followed by Kunal with a rating of 2291. A prize pool of Rs.2,00,000/- was distributed in 30 main prizes, Best Elo ratings and trophies for age categories.

Twelve years old V Pranav of Chennai, a former Under 9 National Champion, was impeccable in his performance of 8 wins and 2 draws to claim the first prize of Rs.25000/- and a big trophy. Surprisingly the runner up was taken by another 12yr old in M Pranesh of Sivagangai District, the current Under 11 National Schools champion. Pranesh topped 4 others namely Kunal, S S Manigandan, IM B T Muralikrishnan & Srihari on tie breaks of 8.5 points. Top seed IM Shyam Nikhil lost his thread when he drew his game on the 2nd round against Nilesh Channawar of Nagpur to be placed 14th in the final list. The event was entertaining with usual fun and frills of blitz event, noticeably new comers enjoying the game.

Pragadish welcoming Shri Sellur K Raju, Minister for Co-Operationn with a shawl.


The tournament had a special guest in Shri Sellur K. Raju, Minister for Co-Operation. The tournament was inaugurated by Mr. Ephrame, Jt. Secy, TNSCA and the prizes were distributed by Mr. Axiom Abdul Nazer, JtSecy, TNSCA along with Mr. Ephrame and Mr B T




N Lokesh is making the inaugural move.

Top 30 placings 

Rank Title Name Club Pts Prize Money
1 Pranav V TN 9 25000 + Trophy
2 Pranesh M TN 15000 + Trophy
3 Kunal M. TN 10,000
4 Manigandan S S TN-M 8,000
5 IM Murali Krishnan B T TN-M 7,500
6 Srihari L R TN 5,000
7 Lokesh N. TN 8 4,000
8 WIM Michelle Catherina P TN 8 3,000
9 Sa Kannan TN 8 2,000
10 DhanushRagav TN 8 2,000
11 Dusthageer Ibrahim M. TN-M 2,000
12 Manu David Suthandram R TN 2,000
13 CM Nikhil Magizhnan TN 2,000
14 IM Shyaamnikhil P TN 2,000
15 Sriram B TN 2,000
16 Harikrishnan.A.Ra TN 7 1,500
17 IM Ravi ThandalamShanmugam TN 7 1,500
18 Subramanian R M TN-M 7 1,500
19 Eshwanth Dev Kumar J TN 7 1,500
20 AnandhaVenkatesan TN 7 1,500
21 Prasannaa.S TN 7 1,000
22 Venkatakrishnan R TN 7 1,000
23 AravinthShanmugam S TN-M 7 1,000
24 Anannth Varun R TN 7 1,000
25 Chandra Sekharan A P TN 7 1,000
26 SubbhuKarthick S M TN 7 1,000
27 Genish Prakash J TN 7 1,000
28 Abhijit Chutia KAR 7 1,000
29 Kumaresh A TN 7 1,000
30 Gokulraj K TN 7 1,000