Instruction for candidates attending Tamil Nadu State Level 1 Examination for Chess Coaches

Tamil Nadu State Level 1 Examination for Chess Coaches

organised by Erode District Chess Circle

on 11th & 12th December 2021

at VET Institute of Arts & Science Coeducation College Thindal, Erode

Dear Participants,

Greetings from Tamil Nadu State Chess Association!

Welcome to the Tamil Nadu State Level 1 Examination for Chess Coaches on 12th December, 2021 and the Doubt Clearing Online session on 11th December, 2021. We request you to take note of the points mentioned below and act accordingly.

There will be a Doubt clearing session at 10.00 AM on 11th December. It may finish around 01.00 PM, subject to the response of the participants.

Candidates can reach the venue by auto / taxi / bus going towards Perundurai, halt at Thindal bus stop, near the VET Institute of Arts & Science College (both from railway station and bus stand).

Batches list : List of candidates for Level I Chess Coaches Examination

Online Session on 11th December 2021 (SATURDAY)

We request you to have an uninterrupted and stable internet connection and preferably use a laptop.

Kindly download the course material and read it thoroughly before participating in the Doubt clearing session. If you have any doubt, raise your hand in Zoom, so that the lecturer will answer your queries one by one.

Attendance will be taken during the session. Your video in the Zoom must be on always and mike may have to be muted, if the lecturer needs.

Dress properly during the online session.

Rename yourself in zoom before starting the session, so that you can be sent to the respective breakout rooms easily. To rename your self follow the instructions below

Find your serial number in the attached list of participants. It shall be the prefix to your name. For example, if the serial number of M Ashok is 7, the name in zoom must be “07 Ashok M”

Please note that the entire zoom session will be recorded and monitored.

Examination on 12th December 2021 (SUNDAY)

All participants must compulsorily submit a copy of their Aadhar card/PAN card/Driving license/Passport and also produce the original id for verification.


10.00 AM – 12.30 PM Written exam
12.30 PM – 01.30 PM Lunch
01.30 PM – 02.10 PM Playing session
02.15 PM – 04.00 PM Viva- voce
04.15 PM Valediction


Outstation participants may reach the college in the morning and refreshing rooms are available in the college itself. They may keep their luggage in the allotted rooms.

Breakfast has to be taken either in the college canteen or in restaurants outside the college campus. Lunch will be provided by the organizers.

Any kind of malpractice (including consultation with nearby candidates and using external assistance) will be severely dealt with and the candidate will be immediately disqualified.

Mobile phone, if brought inside the hall, shall be kept in a separate bag in switch off mode.

Marks for the theory paper will be 60. Questions will be based on Tactics, Opening, Middle game and Endgame principles, besides some questions on Laws of Chess and general topics, as per the course material provided in

Duration for the written exam will be 2 hours and 30 minutes.

Before starting to answer the questions, fill up the data furnished at the top of the question paper

No photography of the question paper is allowed and the question paper shall not be taken outside the examination hall

Questions may be of multiple choices, True/False type, Fill up the blanks, marking positions in a chess board diagram, checkmating positions etc.

Chess sets / clocks / scoresheets will be provided by the organizer.

During the viva-voce, players have to use chess sets

In the viva-voce, try to answer as quickly as possible. If you do not know the answer, you may inform the examiner so that he/she can go to the next question at the earliest. We have sent instruction mail to all candidates.

COVID – 19 Precautions

  1. All participants have to wear the mask compulsorily during the examinations.
  2. Sanitize your hands frequently.
  3. Keep social distancing.

Tamil Nadu State Chess Association wishes you all the best.