Harshavardhan and Harshini of Chennai emerges as champions of Tamil Nadu State Junior Open & Girls Chess Championships

The 48th Tamil Nadu State Junior (U-19) Open & 33rd Tamil Nadu State Junior (U-19) Girls Chess Championship was organised by Tirupur District Chess Association & Vivekananda Vidyalaya School held at Vivekananda Vidyalaya Mat.Hr.Sec.School, Muthoor, Tirupur from 14th to 18th May. The Prize fund of Rs.37, 000 was split into 10 prizes each for open and girls. The five day event was inaugurated by Mr. M S Shanmugam, Correspondent, Vivekananda Vidayalaya in the presence of Mr. Abdul S Nazer, Joint Secretary, TNSCA, Mr.Siva Shanmugam, President, Tirupur DCA, Mr.Sivan, Secretary, Tirupur DCA, Mr. Rajendran, Treasurer, Tirupur DCA.

One hundred and thirty four boys and fifty seven girls from various district participated in this nine round swiss format tournament. G B Harshavardhan of Chennai with an elo of 2415 and C M N Sunyuktha of Kanchi with an elo of 1852 were the top seeded players. In the first round, eighth seeded Avinash Ramesh of Chennai lost to Manikandan R of Tiruvallur.

Followed by in the second round, top seed Harshavardhan G B of Chennai drew with Mugunth R B of Karur and fourth seeded Thaga Sheriff of Chennai held to draw by Sudharshan Gurukrishnan of Salem. Tough fights in the top boards resulted in lot of upsets which shows the good strength of the tournament. Three players Srihari L R of Kanchi, Barath Kalyan of Tiruvarur and Sibi Visal of Namakkal share the lead at the end of fourth round with four points.

In the fifth round individual encounter between Srihari and Barath Kalyan ended up in a draw, while the other leader Sibi Visal lost to Hemanth Raam of Chennai resulting in four share lead. Barath Kalyan took the sole lead in the sixth round by defeating Krishna Raaju of Chennai with 5.5 points. Top seeded Harshavardhan who was down by half a point joint the lead with Barath Kalyan in the seventh round with 6.0 points.

In the crucial penultimate round, clash between the leaders ended in favour of Harshavardhan who emerged as sole leader with 7.0 points. Followed by D G Sanjay of Chennai with 6.5 points on the second spot. In the final round Harsha signed peace treaty with D G Sanjay to clinch the 48th Tamil Nadu State Junior Open Chess Championship with 7.5 pts. Srihari L R of Kanchi , Hemanth Raam of Chennai and Sanjay D G of Chennai scored 7.0 pts and finished 2nd, 3rd and 4th place respectively.

In the girls section, top seed Sunyuktha was shockingly defeated by Trisha of Chennai. Followed by second seed Rindhiya of Chennai lost to Indulekha of Salem in the second round. Two Players Divyabharathi Masanam of Chennai and Kiruthika B of Tiruvallur share the lead with 4.0 pts at the end of fourth round.  Lakshmi C of Chennai beat Sunyuktha to join the lead with Divyabharathi and Kiruthika with 4.5 points at the end of fifth round.

In the sixth round Lakshmi emerged as a sole leader by winning her game against Divyabharathi with 5.5 pts. Leaders were constantly changing as in the seventh round two players Harshini B of Chennai and Benasir of Chennai were jointly lead the championship with 6.0 points. In the penultimate round Harshini B took the lead by defeating the other leader Benasir. With a one point lead, Harshini lost the final round to Divyabharathi resulting in three share lead. But with a better tiebreak Harshini won the 33rd Tamil Nadu State Junior Girls Chess Championship 2019. Divyabharathi Masanam and Benasir finished 2nd and 3rd place respectively.

Chief Guest of the prize distribution function, Mr. S R Senthil Kumar, MSR Coconut Oil Groups. Other Dignitaries on the dais were Mr. Sivan, Secretary, TDCA, Mr.Rajendran, Treasurer, TDCA, Mr.Dinesh Kumar, Mahatma Gandhi Welfare Trust and Mr.Ganesh Babu, Chief Arbiter.

Top ten – OPEN

Rank   Name IRtg Club Pts Res. BH. BH. SB Vict
1   Harshavardhan G B 2411 CHE 0 48 52 43 6
2 FM Srihari L R 2246 KAN 7 0 48½ 53 37.5 6
3   Hemanth Raam 2010 CHE 7 0 48 52½ 39.75 5
4   Sanjay D G 1817 CHE 7 0 45½ 49 37.75 6
5   Selvamurugan B 1909 MDU 0 46 50 32.75 6
6   Ruban Sanjai M 1751 VNR 0 43 46½ 32.5 5
7   Tarun V 1523 SLM 0 43 45 30.75 6
8   Shyam Kumar M 1855 TLR 0 42½ 47 31.75 5
9   Arnav Maheshwari 1847 TLR 0 40½ 44 33.5 5
10   Sivaa G M 1568 CBE 0 38½ 41½ 26.25 6


Top ten – GIRLS

Rank   Name IRtg Club Pts Res. BH. BH. SB Vict
1   Harshini B 1608 CHE 7 0 47 50½ 37 7
2   Divyabharathi Masanam 1693 CHE 7 0 46½ 50½ 38.5 6
3   Benasir M 1622 CHE 7 0 44½ 48 35.5 6
4   Poorna Sri M.K 1754 CHE 0 42 46 32.75 5
5 WFM Lakshmi C 1786 CHE 6 0 49 53½ 34.25 5
6   Kiruthika B 1535 TLR 6 0 49 53 33.25 4
7   Rindhiya V 1832 CHE 6 0 47 51 32 5
8   Abirama Srinithi G 1670 ERO 6 0 46 50 31.5 5
9   Rebecca Jesumarian 1570 KKI 6 0 45 50 33.75 5
10   Indulekha K S 1493 SLM 6 0 44½ 47 29 5