Dr. N. Mahalingam Memorial FIDE Rated Chess Tournament

Dr. N. Mahalingam Memorial FIDE Rated Chess Tournament

The contribution of late Arutchelvar Dr.N. Mahalingam, past president of All India Chess Federation and TN State Chess Association to chess is immense. He was instrumental in Central government recognising chess as a sport for providing grants to players and federation. Chess and the players benefited a lot, because of his philanthropic attitude to the game. As a keen lover of chess, he has organised many national and international tournaments and five times world champion VishyAnand achieved his final GM norm in the international GM tournament organised by Dr.Mahalingam at Coimbatore. It is befitting that Kumaraguru College of Technology, a leading Engineering college in Tamil Nadu, which was founded by him, decided to celebrate his birth day on 20th March, by organising a Rapid rated tournament.

In spite of the busy annual examination schedule for students, the tournament attracted about 310 participants from various states of India. IM and triple GM norm holder N. Srinath of Chennai was the top seeded player of the tournament, followed by triple IM norm holder Ram S Krishnan of BSNL.

In the final round Muthaiah, a XI Std student of Velammal Matric HSS, Chennai, overcame a stiff resistance from Mani Bharathy to clinch the title with 8.5 points. Muthaiah received a purse of Rs,20000/- for his first place performance.

On the first day, Dr.M. Manickam, son of Dr. N. Mahalingam and President of Tamil Nadu State Chess Association inaugurated the tournament in the presence of his brother Sri. M. Balasubramanian, Correspondent of Kumaraguru College of Technology, Sri Shankar Vanavarayar, Joint Correspondent, Kumaraguru College of Technology and Dr.R.S. Kumar, Principal, Kumaraguru College of Technology. On the second day, prizes were distributed by Sri. M. Balasubramanian and Sri. N. Jayabal. President of Coimbatore District Chess Association and Vice President of Salzer Group of Companies.

Final Ranking

1 Muthaiah Al TN
2 Ganesh Babu S TN 8
3 Ganesh R TNC 8
4 Anurag Jaiswal WB 8
5 IM RamnathanBalasubramaniam TN
6 Mani Bharathy TNC
7 Ram S. Krishnan BSNL 7
8 IM Narayanan Srinath AI 7
9 Gowtham K K TN 7
10 Unas K.A. KER 7
11 Aravindaswami T TNC 7
12 CM Nikhil Magizhnan TN 7
13 Jos Paul Davis KER 7
14 Sabarish V TNC 7
15 Dileep Kumar R TN 7
16 Akil A S J TN 7
17 Selvabharathy T TN 7
18 Sa Kannan TN 7
19 Manigandan S S TN 7
20 Balaguru T PON 7
21 Syed Anwar Shazuli ICF
22 Vinodh Kumar B. PON
23 Shreyas M TNC
24 Sathiyanarayanan R V TN
25 Yutesh P TN



Category Prizes

Under 9 Girls
Prize Name Club Pts
1 PasapulaTejaSree AP
2 Mridulashree  R TN 4
3 Harshavardhini M.S. PON 4
Under 9 Girls – Coimbatore
Prize Name Club Pts
1 Tejaswi R TNC
2 Vasanthi S TNC 4
3 Tanushree V P TNC 3
Under 12 Girls
Prize Name Club Pts
1 DivyabharathiMasanam TN 6
2 Darsana M S TN 6
3 Shreya R TN 3
Under 12 Girls Coimbatore
Prize Name Club Pts
1 Tarunika P TNC 4
2 Rithanya M TNC 3
Under 15 Girls
Prize Name Club Pts
1 Shalini R TN 5
2 Genita Gladys A TN 5
3 Subadharshini S TN 3
Under 15 Girls Coimbatore
Prize Name Club Pts
1 Harsha R TNC
2 Shalini J TNC 4
Under 21 Girls
Prize Name Club Pts
1 Swarnamala B TN 4
2 Karpagam V TN
Under 21 Girls  Coimbatore
Prize Name Club Pts
1 Parkavi G TNC
2 Gayathri R TNC 3
3 Kaviya M TNC
Under 9 Boys
Prize Name Club Pts
1 Ashwin Sairam TN
2 Roshan S TN 5
3 Rajkumar S TN
4 Midilesh Ms TN
5 Badrinarayanan Nagesh TN
 Under 9 – Boys Coimbatore
Prize Name Club Pts
1 Sarvesh Aadityaa R TN
2 Abi A TN 4
3 Aakash G TN 4
4 Ryan Priyank S TN 4
5 Kishor Kumar G TN
Under 12 – Boys
Prize Name Club Pts
1 Ayushh Ravikumar TN
2 Naveen K TN 6
3 Shanmugapriyan C PON 5
4 Manikanda Prabhu B V TN 5
5 Adithya Sekar TN 5
Under 12 – Boys Coimbatore
Prize Name Club Pts
1 Nirmal L TN
2 Harshad S TN 6
3 Muralishankar J T TN
4 Alagiri Sriram B TN 5
5 Nishanth K TN 5
Under 15 – Boys
Prize Name Club Pts
1 Mohamed Anees M TN
2 Rahul Bharadwaj B TN 6
3 Aadhisan Balakrishnan PON 6
4 Siddharth M TN 6
5 Rishi R TN
Under 15 – Boys Coimbatore
Prize Name Club Pts
1 Sanjay Saravanan TN
2 Adithyan G TN 6
3 Abhishek S TN 6
4 Sumesh K TN 6
5 Yugesh Maitreyan S TN 6
Under 21 – Boys
Prize Name Club Pts
1 Sathish Chandra G TN 6
2 Sandeep Santhosh KER 6
3 Subramanian R M TN
4 Guru Prasath P TN 5
5 Vignesh Srinivasan TN 5
Under 21 – Boys   Coimbatore
Prize Name Club Pts Res.
1 Narendran V TN 0
2 Thanga Manickam M TN 6 0
3 Ajithkumar Murugan TN 6 0
4 Satheesh Kumar G TN 0
5 Magesh M TN 5 0