Divya Deshmukh emerges sole leader at Velammal – AICF WGM Chess

 Divya Deshmukh emerges sole leader at Velammal – AICF WGM Chess
 Woman International Master Divya Deshmukh snatched the sole lead with 4.5 points after the sixth round of the Velammal AICF Woman Grandmaster Round Robin Chess tournament 2019 held at Hotel Abu Sarovar Portico, Chennai here today. Two wins on a double round day – against Varshini V & Franco Valencia Angela – propelled the Nagpur girl to sole lead. Following Divya behind at 4.0 points were Osmak Iulija & Babiy Olga (both Ukraine) and Michelle Catherina (India).
Former World Under 12 Champion Divya Deshmukh consolidated her WGM Norm prospects with a fine win over Woman International Master Franco Valencia Angela of Columbia. Giving up her queen for two rooks, Divya swung her pieces with elan catching the back-rank with a vice like grip. Facing mate and multiple piece loss, Angela resigned on the 37th move.
In another interesting game, leader Michelle Catherina went down to Kazakh girl Nakhbayeva Guliskhan. The Nimzo Indian game saw Michelle allowing an extended liberty to Nakhbayeva, who swept through the king-side with her pawns and sewed up the game in 46th turn.
Five more rounds remain for the Indian Woman Grandmaster Norm seekers to push strong, steady and achieve their dreams.
Round 6 Results (Indians unless specified) : Osmak Iulija (Ukr) 4.0 bt
Munguntuul Batkhuyag (Mon) 3.5, Varshini V (2.0) drew with Sapale Saloni (2.0), Franco Valencia Angela (Col) 1.0 lost to Divya Deshmukh (4.5), Nakhbayeva Guliskhan (Kaz) 3.0 bt Michelle Catherina P (4.0), Uuriintuya Uurtsaikh (Mon) 3.0 bt Chandreyee Hajra (1.5), Babiy Olga (Ukr) 4.0 drew with Aakanksha Hagawane (3.5)
Round 5 Results (Indians unless specified) : Babiy Olga (Ukr) 3.5 drew with Osmak Iulija (Ukr) 3.0, Aakanksha Hagawane (3.0) drew with Uuriintuya Uurtsaikh (Mon) 2.0, Chandreyee Hajra (1.5) lost to Nakhbayeva Guliskhan (Kaz) 2.0, Michelle Catherina P (4.0) bt Franco Valencia Angela (Col) 1.0, Divya Deshmukh (3.5) bt Varshini V (1.5), Sapale Saloni (1.5) drew with Munguntuul Batkhuyag (Mon) 3.5
Franco Valencia Angela – Divya Deshmukh
1. e4 c5 2. Nf3 d6 3. d4 cxd4 4. Nxd4 Nf6 5. Nc3 a6 6. Be2 e6 7. O-O Be7 8. a4 Qc7 9. Kh1 Nbd7 10. f4 b6 11. Bf3 Bb7 12. Re1 O-O 13. f5 e5 14. Nde2 Rac8 15. Ng3 Rfd8 16. Be3 Bc6 17. Bf2 b5 18. axb5 axb5 19. Ra7 Qb8 20. Nd5 Bf8 21. Nb4 Nc5 22. Qa1 Bb7 23. Ra5 Ba8 24. Qa2 d5 25. exd5 e4 26. Be2 Nxd5 27. Bxc5 Nxb4 28. Bxb4 Bxb4 29. Rxb5 Qxb5 30. Bxb5 Bxe1 31. Nf1 Rxc2 32. Bc4 Rc1 33. h3 Bg3 34. Qb3 Bf4 35. Bxf7+ Kh8 36. Bc4 Bd5 37. Qb6 Rb8 0-1