Certificate Course for Chess Coaches -Level 1 (Beginners)

Certificate Course for Chess Coaches -Level 1 (Beginners)

The Executive Committee of the Tamil Nadu State Chess Association has decided to implement a Certificate Course for coaches. To begin with, it was decided to have the above course for identifying chess coaches at level 1 for beginners. Therefore the Tamil Nadu State Chess Association will be conducting an Examination for Chess Coaches – Level 1 (Beginners) at Chennai on Sunday 21st February,2016. at SHRI KRISHNASWAMY MATRICULATION HR. SEC School, AC – 48, 6th Main Road Anna Nagar Chennai 600 040.

The programme will be held from 9 AM to 5 PM. International Master Manuel Aaron will head the faculty.

There will be a doubt clearing session for 1½ hrs before the start of a written examination (60%) followed by a playing session (20%) and a viva voce (20%). Please note that those who score 80% and above in all the above three events put together alone will be awarded Level 1 (For Coaching Beginners) Certificate by the Tamil Nadu State Chess Association.

Eligibility of the candidates for the course:
1 Knowledge of the game of chess who can teach and coach the beginners how to play the game of chess.
2 Must be a chess player who knows how to play the chess game.
3 Knowledge in Basic FIDE laws of chess.
4 The attitude to teach and coach the game of chess to the aspiring beginner.
5 Should be born or resident of the State of Tamil Nadu.
6 Should be an Indian Citizen.

Among other things, questions will be fielded basically from the following

1.Basic tactics (Pin, Double Attack, Skewer, Double Check, Discovered Check, Discovered Attack etc.,
2.Mating patterns.
3.Mate in one.
4.Mate in two.
5.Mate with Queen and Rook. (to be demonstrated)
6.Mate with 2 Rooks. (to be demonstrated)
7.Mate with the Queen. (to be demonstrated)
8.Mate with the Rook. (to be demonstrated)
9.Basic pawn endings.
10. General Opening ideas.
11.Movement of the pieces (including the castling, en passant etc.,)
12.Basic FIDE laws of chess (Touch piece rule, Illegal move, pawn promotion etc.,)
13. Playing chess game with ability to write score sheet.
14. Other topics related to coaching the beginner.

Interested persons, who have completed 18 years of age, may kindly send the attached registration form filled and duly forwarded to Tamil Nadu State Chess Association through the respective District Chess Associations along with a fee of Rs.2000/- by Demand Draft favouring Tamil Nadu State Chess Association payable at Chennai. The same should reach the TNSCA office (Tamil Nadu State Chess Association, Room No.75, Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium, Periamet, Chennai – 600003) before 15th ‏ February 2016. Please be informed that you will attend the examination at your own cost including boarding & lodging. Free lunch will be provided for the candidates on the day of the examination.

Registration for the course would be limited to 50 applicants on first cum first basis. Request without the concerned district recommendation will not be entertained.

Date of the Course : 21/02/2016 (Sunday)
Venue : SHRI KRISHNASWAMY MATRICULATION HR. SEC School, AC – 48, 6th Main Road Anna Nagar Chennai 600 040

Contact persons: 1.Mr.K.Gopalakrishnan,FIDE Trainer(Mobile no.9840559292)
2.Mr.M.Muthukumar, FIDE instructor, (Mobile no.9444045289)

S.No FIDE ID Name Title District Gender DOB Dist. Recommend
1 Anandhi D State Arbiter Kanchi F 08-Aug-77 yes
2 Gayathri G State Arbiter Kanchi F 27-May-73 yes
3 Visalakshi AS Kanchi F 20-Jul-77 yes
4 35016547 Rajkumar A Kanchi M 05-Jul-77 yes
5 5081513 Kalyana Raghavan VS Kanchi M 29-May-96 yes
6 Varadharajan R State Arbiter Kanchi M 27-Jun-78 yes
7 Sathyan K Kanchi M 26-May-75 yes
8 Rajaraman J State Arbiter Kanchi M 19-Nov-72 yes
9 25631152 Vijayalakshmi R Senior Arbiter Kanchi F 23-Jun-79 yes
10 25076060 Raghava M Kanchi M 17-Mar-94 yes
11 25013335 Bhuvanaa Sai LR International Arbiter Kanchi F 21-May-64 yes
12 Subramaniam N Kanchi M 23-Jan-73 yes
13 45039623 Muthukumar R Kanchi M 27-Apr-89 yes
14 35012690 Sivaramakrishnan R FIDE Arbiter Namakkal M 16-May-85 yes
15 46656901 Jain Marlet S FIDE Arbiter Kanyakumari F 03-Mar-78 yes
16 25631012 Augustine M Senior Arbiter Kanyakumari M 15-May-54 yes
17 25631063 Menaka Devi R Senior Arbiter Kanyakumari F 03-May-82 yes
22 25631055 Vanitha R Senior Arbiter Kanyakumari F 20-May-73 yes
23 25631020 Vijayalakshmi P Senior Arbiter Kanyakumari F 25-Mar-66 yes
24 25631071 Meena R Senior Arbiter Kanyakumari F 16-Nov-77 yes
25 5087082 Vishnu Priya T Senior Arbiter Kanyakumari F 09-Dec-89 yes
26 35016717 Sulthana A P M Senior Arbiter Kanyakumari F 26-Feb-96 yes
27 45025479 Prabu R Chennai M 14-Jun-88 yes
28 Nil Ramesh S Chennai M 13-Jan-70 yes
29 Nil Narasimha Moorthy MV Chennai M 01-May-87 yes
30 Nil Thanickachalam E Chennai M 12-May-72 yes
31 Narayanasamy P State Arbiter Chennai M 04-Jun-62 yes
32 Nandakumar Chennai M 05-Dec-53 yes
33 46637621 Sundararajan S State Arbiter Tirunelveli M 07-Oct-52 Yes
34 Kokila G Erode F 06-Apr-76 yes
36 5083729 Muthu Palaniappan PL State Arbiter Salem M 24-Feb-93 yes
37 Raveendra Kumar C Chennai M 24-Sep-79 yes
38 25068628 Swaminathan A State Arbiter Tirunelveli M 05-Mar-47 Yes
39 5043425 Dinakaran N Vellore M 03-Aug-83 yes
40 Palanivel K Vellore M 14-Oct-92 yes
41 Ravi MS Vellore M 19-Dec-66 yes
42 Rajasekaran SR Vellore M 11-Feb-93 yes
43 Rajeswari PR Vellore F 13-Mar-68 yes
44 599609 Pavithra R Vellore F 28-Jan-97 yes
45 46622853 Deeparani S Coimbatore F 02-May-79 yes
46 Dr. S Ramesh Erode M 13-Apr-64 yes
47 25631136 Hemalatha M Erode F 09-May-81 yes
48 25074091 Annahmalai S S Chennai M 28-Mar-90
49 5060036 Vidya K Coimbatore F 03-Jan-93 yes
50 46655247 Selvendran D Chennai M 06-May-94 Yes
51 5036844 Murugesan K State Arbiter Erode M 22-Jul-56 yes
52 46687688 Gopi Kannan B Vellore M 13-Jul-74 yes
53 46684050 Nandakumar Veeraraghavan Senior Arbiter Chennai M 23-Jun-75 yes
54 Nil Ezhilarasi S Chennai F 05-May-81 yes
55 45016771 Senthil Kumar V Senior Arbiter Chennai M 27-Nov-77 Yes
56 35094203 Manikandan C Kanyakumari M 11-Oct-91 Yes
57 35094424 Ganesh Ckockalingam Pillai Senior Arbiter Kanyakumari M 30-May-84 Yes
58 Nil Manjula V Thiruvallur F 14-May-74 yes
59 45074089 Velavan S Thiruvallur M 02-Jul-68 Yes
60 Nil Alagammai R Namakkal F 20-Apr-77 yes
61 25627783 Baskar K Kanchi M
62 Nil Bhaskaran H Kanchi M 06-Mar-80 yes
63 Nil Visalatchi M Coimbatore F yes
64 Nil Jothi Kasinathan Vellore M 20-Feb-55 yes
65 35072820 Krishna Kumar G State Arbiter Chennai M 14-Jul-77 yes
66 45045151 Ramesh M Chennai M 21-Jul-71 yes
67 25082299 Pandi Durai P State Arbiter Theni M 31-May-79 yes
68 Ramar P Virudhunagar M 12-Jan-83 Yes
69 25042408 Naveenkumar T Coimbatore M 01-Nov-92 yes
70 Sukumar R Chennai M 02-Dec-65 yes
71 Mari Selvam K Tirunelveli M 14-Apr-82 Yes
72 Vasanthi R Coimbatore F 19-May-76 Yes

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