Tamil Nadu State Chess Association took yet another novel step in taking Chess to greater heights by organizing a Certificate Coaching Course for Beginners Level 1.  As directed by the Executive Committee of TNSCA, the coaching course was successfully organized on Sunday, the 21st February 2016 at M A Krishnaswamy Matriculation Higher Secondary School, Anna Nagar, Chennai-40.  The Course was organized by Chennai District Chess Association on behalf of Tamil Nadu State Chess Association.


The Certified Coaching Course for Beginners, is the first of its kind in the country.  This course was aimed at training people to take up coaching the beginners at the basic level.  Though the participants for the course was restricted to only 50, keeping in mind the huge demand from enthusiasts all over the State, TNSCA allowed 75 participants to take up the course.  As the details of the course was already known through our website, all the participants were prepared very well and eager to attend the same.  TNSCA, on its part, had made elaborate arrangements for the same, involving 10 reputed Chess trainers from all over the State, to monitor and impart their skills to the participants.  The participants were from all over the State – right from Chennai to the southern most part, Kanyakumari. The participants were also from different age-groups.as well, from 20 years to 70 years. It was heartening to see a number of women participants, 27 to be precise, for the course.

As was mentioned before, the course  started at 9.00 AM with a doubt clearing session.  This session was aimed at clearing the doubts of the participants and to make them comfortable. More importantly, it was aimed at teaching the basics of the game in a systematic way. The doubt clearing session was handled by Mr. Gopalakrishnan.K Fide Trainer. This was followed by a brief session on the basic rules of the game which was explained to the participants by our own Prof. Anantharam International Arbiter, one of the most respected Arbiter and a member of FIDE Arbiters Commission.  After this session was over, there was a test for about 2 hours, where the participants were asked to write the answers for 60 basic questions and positions that they are supposed to know.

AMS_4106 AMS_4122

The School management was gracious enough to allot us ten rooms and hence the participants were segregated and allotted to ten different rooms, wherein ten reputed trainers were waiting to supervise the test. After the test, the participants were treated to a delicious lunch provided by the Organisers. Post lunch, the participants were paired to play with each other  under the supervision and guidance of the ten respective trainers.  This was followed by an individual viva-voce, where each of the participants was individually tested for their basic skills in the game.

A number of volunteers were also involved in the programme, to look after the candidates as well as the trainers and to help in providing Chess sets/Demonstration Boards.

All in all, we should say that the entire programme was professionally organized by TNSCA and at the end of the course, a long inter-action with the participants was also arranged.  All the participants were very much appreciative of the efforts of TNSCA in bringing out this sort of a programme and hoped that it will continue in the other Districts also. Particular mention must be made here of the increased confidence level of the candidates after attending the course.


Special mention must be made of the role of our General Secretary, for this course is his brain-child. The General Secretary was interacting with everyone the whole day and promised the gathering that in future, many more such courses will happen in Tamil Nadu and vowed to take up the game of chess into each and every household of our State.

The General Secretary also profoundly thanked all those who were assisting him in the successful conduct of the Course especially to the CDCA team in Vice-President Shri B Murugavel, Secretary Shri K Ganesan and Joint-Secretary Shri B Sakthi Prabhakar for organizing the event in a grand manner.