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This is to inform all chess players / organizers / officials that any chess event organized under the banner of “Chess Association of India” is not recognized by the All India Chess Federation / Tamil Nadu State Chess Association. A set of disgruntled elements had announced that they had formed a Chess Association as rivals to parent body All India Chess Federation.

The Chess Association of India has announced that they will organize an open tournament at Madurai from 25th to 30th November 2010. Tamil Nadu State Chess Association cautions all chess players registered with us not to participate in this tournament or any other tournament to be organized by Chess Association of India in future as their events are not recognized by All India Chess Federation and as such not authorized by AICF.

This is to further remind all TNSCA registered players that you have signed a declaration in the players registration form, which we quote for your ready reference

“I also declare that I will not participate in any tournament / championship, not authorized / not recognized by the TNSCA or its parent body AICF”

By playing in the tournaments conducted by Chess Association of India, the registered players of TNSCA will attract disciplinary action and hence are cautioned against playing in the tournaments to be organized by the rival body.