Priyanka joins Savitha shri on the leader board.

       K.priyanka managed to defeat Al Mamaari Wafia in a fine attacking game to join overnight leader B.Savitha Shri who was held by Sanudula on the top board. Meanwhile in the open section, VS.Raahul continues to be in sole lead after drawing the game with De Silva on the top board. He is now on 7 points out of 8 games and is closely followed by fellow compatriot G.B.Harshavardhan who played a fine endgame to defeat countrymate Vardaan Nagpal to be on 6.5 points. Top seed Mitraba Guha is on 6 points.

With one game to go, we can expect fireworks and mouthwatering clashes on the top boards in both boys and girls section!

To the delight of the players, Blitz event will also happen after the final game tomorrow followed by the closing ceremony.

De Silva-Raahul Draw

Started as French defense, Black had a slight edge after equalising comfortably in the opening. Soon it went into an ending where neither player had any chances and the game ended in a draw

Harshavardhan –Vardaan Nagpal 1-0

  Vardaan employed Petroff to Harsha’s 1.e4.White got an slight edge after the opening. Around move 25 major pieces were traded and it transformed to Bishop vs knight endgame where Harsha slowly but confidently kept improving the position. White came out on top in mutual time trouble to win the game.

Sanudula, K M Dahamdi-Savitha Shri Draw

  White played an offbeat d4 and e3 system followed by f4 to get into stonewall structures.Black soon came out on top after the opening. Black made an slight inaccuracy in her 17th move that ended white being an pawn up. Soon game ended in a draw in an complex position

Al Maamari, Wafia Darwish-Priyanka 0-1

  Black employed an offbeat line in Sicilian and got an edge in the opening. In a complex middlegame, Priyanka decided to complicate the game and managed to win the game without much difficulties.