54th National Challengers Chess Championship 2016 at Amity University, Noida, U P

Round 5 – Standing

Sai Vishwesh is the sole leader

 Sai Vishwesh of Tamil Nadu is in sole lead with 5 points after the 5th round of the 54th National Challengers Chess Championship 2016 at Amity University Noida. 5 players, Grand master Laxman R R & IM Ravi Teja S of RSPB, Mehar Chinna Reddy  C H of Andhrapradesh and Kunal of Tamil Nadu are in the second spot with 4.5 points.

On the top board Sai Vishwesh of Tamil Nadu with white pieces adopted C3 Sicilian against Grandmaster Bakre Tejas of Indian Airlines and obtained Isolated queen pawn in the middle game. Sai’s pawn thrust d4 to d5 opened the Bishop’s diagonal and Bakre tried to exchange it, which created a passed pawn for Sai on the sixth rank. Bakre could not stop the promotion of the pawn and lost the game.

Mehar Chinna Reddy C.H of Andhrapradesh played a nice game against the top seeded Grand Master Aravind  Chidambaram of Tamil Nadu in a Sicilian game on the second board. Reddy gave the centre e4 Pawn for his opponent’s b5 Pawn and got two connected passed Pawns on the flank. Reddy’s Kings side attack in the mean time could not be tolerated and Aravind resigned on move 42.

We have another interesting game from Kunal of Tamil Nadu, accelerated Grandmaster Sriram Jha of LIC to play Pelikan Svesnikov variation , Sriram’s exchange sacrifice was vain and Kunal forced Sriram to give up his Queen for three pieces. Later Kunal handled the game carefully and won Sriram’s trapped knight and the game.

Round 3 – Results

Sai Vishwesh(5) bt Bakre Tejas(4), Mehar Chinna Reddy (4 ½) bt Aravindh Chithambaram (3 ½),  Harsha Bharathakoti(4) drew with Gagare Shardul(4) , Kunal(4 ½) bt Sriram Jha(3 ½)

Praneeth Surya(4) drew with Sidhant Mohapatra(4), Kulkarni Vinayak(3 ½)  lost to Laxman (4 ½), Ravi Teja(4 ½) bt Pradip Ghosh(3 ½)