54th National Challengers Chess Championship 2016 ¬at Amity University, Noida, U P

Round 4 – Standings

Sai Vishwesh and Bakre Tejas share the lead

 Sai Vishwesh of Tamilnadu and Bakre Tejas from RSPB share the lead with 4 points  after the 4th round of the 54th National Challengers Chess Championship 2016 at Amity University Noida  here today. 12 players are in the second spot with 3.5 points.

On the top board Grandmaster Aravind Chithambaram  of  Tamilnadu  exchanged the major pieces and converted the game into double Bishops advantage ending but  Harsha Bharathakoti of Telungana defended correctly and the game ended in draw after 68 moves.

Dashing game was visualized on board 2. Sai Vishwesh of  Tamilnadu faced the Sicilian with gambit line against GM Narayanan of Kerala and caught Narayanan’s King at the centre in the middle game. Narayanan’s King marched on the open ground and he resigned later.

Indian Airlines Bakre Tejas’ Ruy Lopez Exchange variation earned a pawn on the 12th move in nice tactical combination. Bakre’s material advantage cost him a point and share the lead along with  Sai Vishwesh.

Round 3 Results

Aravindh Chithambaram (3 ½) drew with Harsha Bharathakoti(3 ½), Sai Vishwesh(4) bt Sunilduth Lyna Narayanan(3), Gagare Shardul(3 ½) drew with Kunal (3 ½),Bakre Tejas(4) bt Aradhya Garg(3), Sriram Jha(3 ½) drew with Kulkarni Vinayak(3 ½),Pradip Ghosh(3 ½) drew with Mehar Chinna Reddy (3 ½)