17th IPCA World Individual Chess Championship

In the 17th IPCA World Individual Chess Championship, our Indian players have done very well. Tamil Nadu Chess player Jennitha Anto from Trichy have won the Gold Medal for the Fifth time continuously. She won the title with one round to spare, by securing 5.5 out of 8 rounds. She has defeated two IM’s one from Ukraine player named Yarmonov Igor first seed of the tournament and another Russian player – Obodchuk Andrei second seed of the tournament. Totally she won four games three draws and two last.

Shashikant Kutwal (Maharashtra) is leading the tournament up to the eighth round by half point and in the penultimate round he was defeated by Ukraine player Mukha Nikolay and he was half a point behind the Israel player Andrei Gurbanov. In the last round Shashikant won but the first board player Gurbanov and Mukha drew. Therefore fortune favoured Shashikant and he equalized the leader and by the help of buchholz won the Gold medal and IM title also.

Another player Venkata Krishna Karthik K (Andhra Pradesh) done his best and in the penultimate round he played in the second board and last to the runner of the tournament.

In the penultimate round three Indians Shashikant Kutwal, Venkata Krishna Karthik and Jennitha Anto played on the top board 1,2,3 it is very nice to see the sight that Indians are on the top.

In the Junior section as usual Master Samarth J Rao (Karnataka) played well and secured the Bronze Medal for India. He also played the IPCA Blitz and got Gold Medal in the Junior section.

On the whole the Indian players all have done extremely well, with three Gold, and one Bronze Medals for India.IMG_0667