12th KCM FIDE Rated (Below 1600) Chess Tournament

Phani Kanuri of Telangana won the 12th KCM FIDE rated chess tournament for below 1600  with an outright score of 9 points. Starting as 31st seed , Kanuri surprised everyone with his brilliant performance and went home richer with Rs.50,000/- cash prize. Around 390 players,  had participated in this 12th fide event which was held from 14th to 16th July, organized by Kovai Chess Mates, a parents initiative in Coimbatore district. A prize fund of Rs.3 lakh was distributed across various categories like Rating & Unrated, Age, Best Women, Veteran etc.

Ranjith Kalaiyarasan of Puduchery, Gowrichander  & Sham of TN tied for the 2nd to 4th spot with 8.0 points apiece and placed respectively on tie break scores. The prize were distributed by the members of Kovai Chess Mates and CDCA office bearers present.