10th Modern School International Rating Chess Championship

Hemant Raam wins title

The 10th Modern School International Fide Rating Chess Championship for School students was held at Modern Senior Secondary School from 03rd to 08th August 2017 for a prize pool of Rs.1,20,000/-

This Rating Chess Tournament was organized by Modern Senior Secondary School. The venue of the tournament is “Sankara Hall, Modern Senior Secondary School, AG’S colony, Nanganallur, Chennai-61. Main sponsor for this event was Modern Senior Secondary School, Chennai and they also sponsored the entire prize money of Rs.1,20,000/-

This event attracted 197 participants from all over districts in Tamilnadu like Chennai, Kanchi, Madurai, Tiruvellor, Salem, Villupuram, Tiruvarur, Thanjavur, Vellore, Coimbatore Trichy etc.,

Participation of nearly 98 International rated players including many National level players made the event stronger and so colourful. This was the 10th time the School students Tournament being organized as a FIDE Rated event in Tamilnadu and this event conducted as 10 round Swiss format.

N. KAMAKODI, M.D., & C.E.O., CITY UNION BANK LTD inaugurated the Championship by moving the piece on 03rd August 2017 in the presence Sri S.Pattabiraman, Secretary, Modern School and Dr.K.Mohana, Principal, Modern School. 9 players including the top seeded Hemant Raam of Velammal MHSS were leading the table with four points each at the end of the fourth round.

Three players Hemant Raam, A.R.Ilamparti of Sree Sankara Golden Jubilee School and Thiyagarajan Tamilselvi of Jeevavel International School were leading with 5 points each at the end of the fifth round. Three players R.Rathneesh, R.Aaditya and R.Abinandhan were on second spot with 4.5points each.

Two players HemantRaam and A.R.Ilamparti were leading with 6points at the end of the sixth round. In the Top table Hemant Raam played an aggressive game against Thiyagarajan Tamilselvi and outwitted him in 55moves. 8 years boy Ilamparti stunned experienced opponent Abinandhan in the second table and maintained the lead with Hemant Raam. R.Rathneesh of Vyasa Vidyalaya closely followed the leaders with 5.5points.

Top seeded Hemant Raam of Velammal School jumped into sole lead with 7 points at the end of the 7th round. Young Ilamparti mishandled the pieces in the Sicilian Dragon defence against Hemat Raam in the top board and surrendered his game in 33moves. R.Rathneesh of Vyasa Vidyalaya was closely following the leader with 6.5points. Five players Ilamparti, Srikrishnan, Nideshpa, Arputha Jasmine and Saibalaji were on third spot with 6points each.

In the eighth round Hemant Raam crushed R Rathneesh and maintained the lead with 8points. Ilamparti outwitted E.Saibalaji of Modern School in a miniature and maintained second spot with 7points. Six players Nitin Shankar Madhu, R.Rathneesh, R.Abinandhan, Vinay Jumani, Niteshpa and Arputha Jasmine were on third spot with 6.5points.

Hemant Raam of Velammal School maintained the lead with 9 points at the end of the 9th round. A.R.Ilamparti of Sree Sankara  Golden Jubilee School on second spot with 8 points. Nitin Shakar Madhu scored excellent win over Niteshpa and on third place with 7.5points. Six players Rathneesh.R, Abinandhan.R,Vignesh N, Srijan J, Pooja.S and Rathinasabapathy are on Fourth spot with 7points each.

In the tensed final & tenth round battle overnight leader Hemant Raam was held to a draw by Nitin Shankar Madhu in just 22moves and won the title with 9.5points. 8year boy A.R.Ilamparti played an attacking game against Rathinasabapathy in the London system and won the game in 37moves and finished second place with 9 points. S.Pooja of Hindu Sr. Sec School scored nicely against Abinandhan in a double edged middle game and clinched third prize. Nitin Shankar Madhu also scored 8.5points and on tie break he finished fourth place.

Winner Hemant Raam of Velammal School, Chennai received cash prize of Rs. 25,000/- and a Trophy. A.R.Ilamparti of Sree Sankara Golden Jubilee School, Kanchi won the runner up title and received Rs. 18, 000/- cash prize. S.Pooja of Hindu Sr Sec School bagged the third prize and got Rs. 12, 000/-.

Top Ten Placings

Hemant Raam(Velammal MHSS)                               9.5 points

A.R.Ilamparti(Sree Sankara Golden Jubilee)           9.0 points

S.Pooja(Hindu Sr Sec School)                                      8.0 points

Nitin Shnakar Madhu(PSBB,KKNagar)                     8.0 points

R.Rathneesh(Vyasa Vidyalaya)                                    7.5 points

S.P.Kirtna(Chinmaya Vidyalaya)                                 7.5 points

Arputha Jasmine(Modern School)                              7.5 points

N.Vignesh(Modern School)                                          7.5 points

J.Srijan(Modern School)                                              7.5 points

S.Nidhespa(Kavi Bharathi Vidyalaya)                        7.0 points

On the Prize giving ceremony Prof. Veeraraghavan, President, Modern Senior Secondary School welcomed the gathering and Grandmaster Karthikeyan Murali was the Chief Guest and distributed the prizes on 8th August2017.